Father of rebefing

Leonard D. Orr

The father of conscious breathing is the American Leonard D. Orr. Although the benefits of breathing have been known to the world for millennia, conscious breathing techniques were available only to the chosen few until the 1970s. After L. Orr introduced Rebefing to the general public, it spread around the world.

Dan Brule

Dan Brule is considered to be one of the inventors of respiratory therapy and a conscious breathing guru not only in the U.S. but around the world. This extraordinary person has dedicated his life to breathing studies and has been traveling the world for more than 45 years, sharing his knowledge and teaching various breathing techniques that help people to greatly improve their quality of life – regain inner peace, health and become the best versions of themselves. He is a recognized expert in his field, having conducted breathing technique workshops in more than 60 countries and trained more than 150,000 people in breathing techniques. Dan Brule is a lifelong student of the art of Zen healing and meditation, and is a master of Prana Yoga and Chi Kung.

Dan Brule is Donatas’s guru and breathing teacher.

Breathing is like a river flowing within us with a strong stream of life, washing, refreshing, allowing us to feel the flow, allowing us to be reborn. It is a tool that helps us feel better, get back in touch with our core, move and release what is stuck inside us – a heaviness or a burden, a stagnant energy. When breath is released, the person themselves is released.


In yoga, proper breathing is important in that it supplies the blood with more oxygen. In this way, the prana – life energy – is controlled. Mastering pranayama – the technique of proper breathing – improves the condition of the organs, relaxes the nervous system, and brings emotions into balance.


Breathing sessions help you feel better and more energetic. The quality of sleep improves, the person relaxes more, self-healing processes are activated in the body, and sometimes even psychosomatic ailments disappear. Signs of anxiety and depression also decrease. According to L. Orr, the creator of conscious breathing, intensive practice of conscious breathing yields even almost incurable diseases such as migraines, epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, cancer or even AIDS.