I am Donatas Daukantas. Thanks to the painful lessons of life, and the wonderful people I met on the journey of life, I turned to the path of awareness. As soon as I became interested in my inner world, very profound and strong changes began in my life that made me what I am today. So driven by curiosity and self-discovery, I am constantly engaged in various practices of spiritual growth.

Well, it all started back in 2013, when I started to be interested and began trying different meditations and breathing practices. A little later, the Teta Healing program caught my attention, which helped me get rid of limiting beliefs and start living a more positive lifestyle. Shortly afterwards, I discovered a new teacher, Evgeny Chernysh, and completed the 3-month “Schooling” program he led, in which I realized a lot of things, took responsibility for my life, and stopped blaming the world around me for my problems.

While being interested in various methods of spiritual practice, a show about South American Shamans in the Peruvian jungle caught my eye. The latter I liked so much that just two months later I was sitting on a plane flying to Peru. There, under the supervision of a teacher who became my soul brother Mantas Dolama, I went through plant-teacher sessions… It was a very strong experience that helped me realize who I really am and what my purpose in this life is.


I am a certified Dan Brule Deep Circulatory Breathing (Rebefing) teacher, constantly improving and deepening my knowledge. I have big goals in breathing science and I’m not planning on stopping! For more than six years, I have been meditating every morning and evening, taking cold showers, standing on nails, and doing morning exercises six times a week.

“Deep Breathing with Donny” is an educational practice in which I organize breathing ceremonies, conduct individual and group breathing sessions such as Rebefing, Shamanic Breathing, Sufi and Mantric – the latter is my own discovered way of breathing. I also accept other teachers and guests into my educational practices for a variety of training methods that bring together conscious people for personal growth. So I invite you to join!


I know from experience that going your own way is not easy. In it, we are all like babies learning to walk – we get stuck and stand again. That path is rarely easy, but I guarantee – really fun!

Thank you to everyone who goes this path with me and to everyone who is yet to go.